University, Weekly Updates

Week 1

its officially been an entire week of living in the UK, and what a week it’s been. Adjusting to a new country (and very new climate) as been a challenge of its own, in addition to the usual first week of college activities.

It’s quite a bit colder in Northern England than Austin, Texas so the need for sweaters and multiple layers in early October is new and not very appreciated. Also, it’s only getting colder…I need to go shopping.

The first week of uni is “Freshers Week” where we have registration, a bit of intro to our classes, but it’s mostly about social things, joining societies, and as I have learned, a LOT of partying. British people are capable of drinking more than I thought was physically possible, and seem to do it night after night for an entire week. To no ones surprise, I have enjoyed a week of quiet nights in. Sorry uni, but clubs just aren’t for me

The other fun challenge has been cooking! Unlike US universities, most UK dorms are not catered, so instead I share a kitchen with 2 lovely other girls. I’m slowly building up my stash of ingredients, because when you have to carry your groceries on the bus and across campus you can’t buy too much at a time! Breakfast has been fairly lazy, but they sell Greek yogurt so really, what else is needed!

Lunch has been equally lazy, as it happens somewhere between 1 and 3, but hummus is saving me again. I bought 2 bags of spinach at the grocery store and the cashier seemed to think I was odd ??

Dinner is where I’ve tried the hardest, but I can’t say it’s been amazing. My flat mates however are a bit newer to cooking, so it’s been a learning curve for us all. Pasta has been a life saver, as well as soup.

 (Tonight’s lazy pasta with sauteed vegetables, featuring the terrible lighting in our kitchen)

 (I felt a little fancy last night and roasted some figs with Brie and honey. Definitely the food highlight of the week)

My first class in tomorrow morning at 10, and I never knew I would be so ready for school to start. This year is going to be so full of adventures, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.



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