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Week 2

This was the first week of classes, and oh my was that nice. Its not that I disliked school before, but its much easier to adjust to life when you have something as constant and structured as school. English uni is structured so that essentially you only have classes based on your major(s) and minor(s). Its nice in that you don’ t spend years and thousands of dollars on classes you don’t need or want to take, but its difficult in that you have very few classes. By few I mean three. I have three classes. Well, I have three courses, each of which has a few lectures and a seminar, but in comparison to how many classes I would be taking stateside, my schedule sure feels empty. I’m taking classes for my two majors, Politics 100 (which includes International Relations) and Religious Studies 100 (Religions in the Modern World) as well as a class for my minor, which is Gender and Women’s Studies (to no one’s surprise). Gender and Women’s Studies has been my favourite, but I’m sure Religious Studies will be very interesting (we start with Hinduism next week). Politics has been okay so far, but how exciting can political theory really be?

The weather has been wonderful this week, the only rainy day was Monday (just in time for my morning class, of course). Its been sunny, although the temperature is in the 50’s rather than the 80’s like it is at home. On that note, adjusting to the use of Celsius has been interesting, its confusing to hear someone say that “20s are such nice weather”.

 (it’s fun to actually have fall weather in October)

There was a plant sale in the square this week (our square is actually named Alexandra {Alex for short} Square, which is both entertaining and confusing) and I picked these little guys because 1) I am notorious plant killer, so succulents are my only safe option and 2) they remind me of Texas (also please don’t get rid of Harold, Mom! I’ll find him a home when I come back in December). They don’t have names yet, but I’m sure they will soon. They’re hanging out with my lovely Texas themed stained glass (thank you Ms. Becca!) in the corner of my window.

 (there are a bunch of hydrangeas in the courtyard of my hall, that little guy on the side had fallen off and was too pretty to leave on the ground)

The intense craving for Tex-Mex is beginning to set in, and salsa is on my grocery list. At the top of my grocery list. I found a burrito place in town, and oh my I’m so excited to try it. Get ready family, I expect tex-mex the evening I get home.

People (from classmates to teachers to people in a shop) always ask if I’m homesick. I wouldn’t say I am, but I also don’t know if I know what that is. I miss my family, of course, and my friends, but I am still (overall) so happy to be here. Its stressful, difficult, and much harder than anything else I’ve ever done, but I don’t really wish to be home. I’m happy I’ll be able to visit at Christmas, but I’m happy to have a new adventure.
I’m sitting in the Learning Zone (big study space with couches and desks) at 10:00pm writing this, because I really like the feeling of being alone in here. It also means I get to use the big, pretty Mac desktops, which are just fun to write on. It is however, a Friday night, and I can see people walking past me on the window headed to bars, clubs, and other kinds of evening events. I can acknowledge I am a fairly boring Uni student, but I’m pretty happy on this side of the glass watching them. Maybe one day I’ll get the whole social thing. For now I’ll keep being quiet, happy, and slowly making friends.



One thought on “Week 2

  1. G&G says:

    Thanks for the posts on this site. Glad you are settling in and getting comfortable with your surroundings, the school, and town. Your temperature highs are a little lower than our lows but we can feel the air changing. We’ll be looking forward to future posts.

    Already looking forward to getting to see you over Christmas. We love you much. G&G


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