University, Weekly Updates

Week 3

Who’s late to post on their blog? Me! Who’s not surprised at all? Also me! Somehow the weekend slipped away, and while I did plenty of writing, none was for this. But anyway, rewinding a little over a week, here’s how my third week in the UK went.

I went into town with a girl from my Gender & Women’s Studies seminar last Saturday because it’s still getting colder and I very much need(ed) sweaters. She’s from the States, but is only here for a semester (or term as they call it here). I have yet to find, or hear of, any other Americans here for all three years. We ate some incredibly British food while sitting on the grass in front of the castle in town. Yes, a picnic in front of a castle. Casual, I know. Lancaster is a fairly small city, so we just wandered around, found a few sweaters, and drank coffee.

 (Why is every food wrapped in dough?)
Sundays are a day of quiet, and doing as much school work as possible before the week begins. This is not just my rule, but seemingly the entire campus’. You can walk across the square and not see a single person. It helps to have a slow day to get reading done for the first few days of class, because if there is one thing we’re not missing, its reading. So much reading. But that’s what you get when you choose two liberal arts majors! My flatmates and I did however, leave the comfort of our flat in the evening to go to church. The fact that there is a service at 7pm, at the Chaplaincy Centre that’s about 2 minutes away, and snacks are served, is a bit of the reason we stumble into the cold. It’s also nice to have a break from the brain melting hours of reading academic texts.

By now, things are beginning to settle into a pattern. Classes feel normal, clubs are sorting themselves out, all the textbooks have been bought. It’s nice for things to be in a schedule again. It’s not too particularly exciting, but its nice. I’ve found a favourite place to study, and have learned what sections in the library house the books for my subjects.  On days that I sit inside too much, I like to walk the big loop around campus, and enjoy the fact that it’s actually fall here. The leaves change and everything!

The weekend was incredibly quiet, but in the best of ways. I decided to join newspaper, and found myself with two articles to write this past week. While I began them during the week, the longer of the two took up most of my Saturday. But sitting in town writing about the beautiful new library wasn’t a bad way to spend the day if you ask me. Sunday was a simple repeat of the week before, and my brain was very mushy by the end of my Religious Studies readings.

 (for all the coffee shops in Lancaster, Starbucks will always be the go to for autumn themed drinks)

The only particularly exiting addition to the past week was the arrival of Flat Stanley! One of my darling Girls Nation friends sent a message asking for places to send her friend’s little sister’s Flat Stanley, and who can say no to taking a 2nd graders project for fun British adventures!

 England is wonderful, if a little cold, and continues to get better week by week.



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