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Week 4

Look who is getting this posted before the weekend is over, oh yes, I’m getting things done on time. Anyway, here’s what happened this week. (I’m learning to take notes on my phone as the week goes so I don’t sit here and wonder what happened on Monday even though its only been 7 days).

Classes have been progressively getting more interesting (we’re almost through talking about Hobbes in PoliSci, thank goodness) which is good because essays deadlines are beginning to loom in the future. I have the prompts and due dates taped to my wall as a brainstorming/stress inducing tool to make me start writing them. I only have a few assignments (all essays) and one exam for the whole year, partly because the English university system is weird and partly because I’m only taking liberal arts classes (who needs science? not this girl). This does mean that every grade is incredibly important. I don’t know if I love or hate this system.

Because this is actually a food blog (*cough cough* thanks Kathryn) here are some excessive photos of what I ate this week.

  (Greek yogurt is half the reason I’m not vegan. Also they spell yogurt ‘yoghurt‘ here and I don’t like it.)

  (There are basically always avocado and tomatoes in the fridge. )

I am working my way through the coffee shops of Lancaster, chain and local, for the perfect combination of drinks and study areas. Here is a completely unnecessary series of photos of my coffee and the cafes, complete with ratings! Because this is my blog and I will write about the very silly things that make me happy during the week.

  (This is actually tea, and the chair I was sitting in was very uncomfortable. I rank this cafe a 4/10.)
  (I’m going to justify the fact that I returned to Starbucks with the fact that have an upstairs area with really comfy chairs and it’s nice for studying. 7/10)  (I was distracted by how cool this glass was. This is a bookstore/cafe that was so adorable. Not sure how great for studying, but may get a repeat visit for reading or lunch. 6/10)

 (Finding good filter coffee here is a struggle. This was a little weak, but better than instant! 7/10)

This weekend my favourite resident of Scotland/only person from America I know living in the UK came to visit! This is Harris, who I know from Nation. He goes to St. Andrews and thanks to the amazing thing that is public transportation, just hopped on a train to visit!

In an attempt to explore the town, I got us lost because I have absolutely no sense of direction. I maintain that I could have found the way back to the city centre just fine and GPS was not needed. But getting lost was completely worth it, because Lancaster is so pretty! I had no idea this little stream ran through town, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Also filled with ducks. Like the school. I think Lancaster has a duck infestation.

We ate a lot of food (because what else do I do?) and visited lots of old places in Lancaster. Probably because almost nothing was built after 1900. (I’m kidding, but seriously, everything is old)

 (as basically everyone who has ever met me knows, I am not photogenic. Also I’m pretty sure I was eating when this photo was taken? So not totally my fault. Also note: that’s a castle behind us.)

We tried the burrito place in town, which was not as bad as expected!! I kept my expectations incredibly low, and was pleasantly surprised. I am still craving Chuy’s, but I may survive until Christmas. (My amazing and wonderful mother having salsa and corn tortillas shipped to me may also contribute to my continued survival).

  (Look how fun their logo is! It feel like something you would find in Austin)
 (Not as good as Chipotle, but a valiant attempt.)

Overall it was a very fun week, but it also means I am less prepared that I usually would be for this next week. When you have no social life you get all your required reading and a lot of optional reading done on the weekends. See! Who needs a social life.

To end here is a photo of me wearing my favourite Texas themed t-shirt because its 6 weeks until I’m home (not that I’m counting) and I’m having a blast (it might be an arctic blast…) in Lancaster



2 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. Dan Brock says:

    Alex thank you so much for sharing your life in the UK. We look forward to your postings food
    or otherwise. We are just blessed to get to see you on our computers. We miss you and are
    also looking forward to seeing you in six weeks. We are going to Houston this weekend to
    see Morgan. I am taking her some snacks and TV Trash. Wish I could drop some off to you
    also. You will have to send me a list of things you would like to eat at our house when you
    come Christmas. We Love You Bunches!!!!!! G & G


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