University, Weekly Updates

Week 5

I’ve been staring at a blank screen for a while, words and my brain just aren’t getting along today. It’s probably because the majority of what I do everyday is read and write, and my brain is protesting. Which would also explain why editing my essay has been so unsuccessful today. Come on brain, we’re on the same team here.

Okay, SCHOOL: it’s good, it’s boring, it’s learning. Even though I only take classes about things I want to study, sometimes it’s still a struggle to drag myself to class. Well, morning classes, because my duvet is my favourite thing on this continent and I’m still not sleeping well. Other than that it’s just polisci classes, but our Political Philosophy unit is ending this week. Thank goodness. Fun story time from class! (instructions from mom to write about this) We’re studying Intersectionality in my GWS (Gender and Women’s Studies) class, and we were talking about privilege in my seminar on Friday morning. Our TA found a really fun way for us to visualize how privilege affects lives, and it went like this. We were all given little cards that had our ‘character’. For instance, mine said [Journalist, female, 38, Christian background, highly successful]. We then wandered out of our tiny seminar room into the big meeting room in the building we meet in, and lined up across the room in a straight line. We all agreed that this made us feel like ‘primary’ (elementary) school children again. Our TA read off a list of questions (ex: I speak the language of the country I live in, I know where my next meal will come from, I feel safe walking down a street alone at night) and we stepped forward if the situation applied to us, and backward if it didn’t. At the end, scattered across the room, we read the character descriptions aloud. While it’s easy to know that a refuge and a successful journalist have very different amounts of privilege, it was an even better illustration of how gender and race can affect people of the same socioeconomic class.

Some quick food highlights: This leek and potato soup I made (and ate on 3 different occasions because how does one make small portions of soup?)

 This goat cheese, roasted tomato, and onion tart from the market on Thursday. Scarfed down in the 1 hour break I have between my first lecture and the 3 hour block of class in the afternoon, it was a lovely lunch.

 I really hope bananas are actually healthy, because they are a significant part of my diet. Banana, honey, and almond butter for breakfast, Frozen banana “ice cream” for late night studying, all the banana options please.

Other fun things this week!

I finally had time to wander through the little farmer’s market that’s in Alexandra Square on Thursdays. It wasn’t even as rainy as this photo makes it look! I bought the previously mentioned tart, some fresh eggs, and, unpictured because I was far too excited to eat it by the time I settled into my room that evening, a pumpkin cheesecake brownie. I’m not much of a cheesecake girl, so I’m not sure if I was just preparing myself for Malvika Month, or the pumpkin distracted me. Either way, it was delicious.  I’m writing for the newspaper (SCAN) and the first copy I wrote for came out this week! While library openings are not hard-hitting journalism, writing has been so much fun. 

Fall is really pretty. Thats an UNEDITED photo of the ground. I just want to roll in the leaves. But I don’t because they are very wet. And also because I am a responsible adult. 

The fact that Halloween was this Saturday should have left me with more stories, but I spent Halloween like my other saturday nights, writing essays and articles, and most importantly, curled up under my duvet. Wild nights in the life of Alex!

Well there you go! Another incredibly calm week abroad.



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