University, Weekly Updates

Week 6

Technically this post is late, but considering I was out of town this weekend, I don’t think it counts.

Last week was a little bit busier than usual, as I my first essay was due on Thursday! I also had an essay due today, Monday, so there was a lot of research, writing, and late night editing. But they were both finished and turned in! PoliSci has been a interesting experience as of late, with our focus on the application of principles of liberal democracy. Basically we’ve been talking about the structure of the American Government. Shout out to Esler (and Girls State) for my extreme understanding of the US Government. In our seminar on Thursday, my teacher managed to split us into groups to answer questions, and we had a group of international students with a question about the British Government. We just googled it. I did however, explain how the US legislative system works, and the checks and balances from the executive and judiciary branches. It felt like being on Lege Staff all over again.

I don’t have an excessive number of food photos (I blame being busy, and that it gets dark so early!!) but here is a photo of my breakfast (I eat the same thing most days)IMG_3416

Club wise, the week was all over the place busy! I had an article about the “My Culture is not a Costume” movement on campus, as well as the use of Dia de Muertos as a party theme for the newspaper, but I didn’t pick up a copy of it today! We had a bake sale on Tuesday as part of a year long fundraiser for a women’s charity in Lancaster. Basically I stood outside for a few hours and couldn’t feel my toes! Yay for cold weather?

Now for the most exciting part, this weekend! This past weekend a attended a training/conference of a society I am in called Enactus. Thats the link to the website, but basically its an organization that focuses on creating social enterprises to address a variety of world wide issues! I know, Alex, in a business organization?? What is happening. However, I am working on a project looking to find a way to help human trafficking victims in Eastern Europe. There has been so much going into the development of that project I could write a whole post on it (and might some time fairly soon) but to keep it simple, we’re looking for a way to help provide education, job training, or a sort of business product to human trafficking victims. The conference was not project specific, but was around the structure of the society as a whole, and I attended sessions mostly on how to build international projects (Lancaster’s society currently has a few amazing local projects, but we’re working to branch out) and a few more on leadership and running meetings, as I am our project’s Project Leader (is that grammatically correct?). It was a great experience, and I met a ton of amazing people from all over the country! Z, one of our Project Directors, is a great photographer and took some really fun photos! We attended sessions, did some crazy team building activities, and had a formal dinner/dance.

IMG_3506IMG_3511IMG_3512 IMG_3516 IMG_3513 IMG_3517 IMG_3510

IMG_3521 IMG_3520 IMG_3519 IMG_3518 IMG_3525 IMG_3526

I have another busy week ahead, and I’m fighting a cold. I think I’m going to sleep before 10:00pm tonight, and hope to sleep like the dead! Another adventure is coming up this next weekend, so expect fun things.



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