One of the reasons I fell in love with the idea of going to school abroad is the ability to travel. Not having to cross the ocean makes everything much easier (and cheaper). Its something people here seem to take for granted. They think a three hour train ride is long, when that train ride gets you all the way across the country. The fact that a three hour train ride can get me to the southern coast, or a train ride and a short airplane ride can get me to a whole new amazing European country is mind-blowing.

I spent 3 amazing days in Copenhagen, and no matter how much I saw or how long I stayed, there would always be more to see. Its soaked in history and culture, with castles and canals, filled to the brim with amazing food and interesting people. Copenhagen is something special. IMG_3909IMG_3908IMG_3913IMG_3912We started by visiting the Christiansborg Palace, that now houses parliament. This of course included a trip up to the tower.



After the Palace, we stumbled across what was one of the most beautiful buildings I saw. The old Royal Library has been turned into the Danish Jewish Museum. With ivy creeping up the walls and a beautiful courtyard with fountains and statues, its the kind of place you want to stand in front of for hours.


I didn’t know Copenhagen had canals, or at least as many as there are. The funny part is some of the canals are so small you don’t always notice you’re on a bridge unless you look over the edge. Some, like the one below, are much bigger.


The National Museum is a beautiful example of the modern design of Copenhagen meeting with the rich history of the country. The high ceilings and glass walls of the museum hold ancient artifacts, from Egypt and beyond, to Denmark’s own Reformation history. Its a beautiful museum, and I know if I stayed longer I would have had to come back.IMG_3946IMG_3945The Christmas Markets that were beginning to fill the streets in the evenings were a highlight of the trip. While I’m not normally a Christmas person, even my ‘scrooge heart’ was melted by the magic of these markets. Maybe thats just the crepes talking.

Oh look! The food photos begin. Just wait, it gets worse. This was one amazing pain au chocolate and chai latte. There was a cookie on top of my latte. Oh Copenhagen, how I love you.


The Design Museum was one of my favorite things of the weekend. Sadly, the outside of the museum doesn’t do it justice. This poem was the intro to my favourite exhibits of the museum, MindCraft. It sums up the exhibit, and the museum, quite well.


Oh wait, more food photos. Trovehallerene is an outdoor/indoor market that houses over 60 stands of food, drink, and more. Outside there are stands selling fresh produce and more, like a giant farmer’s market. It was, of course, on my list of absolute must do’s while in Copenhagen. Whats the point of travel if you don’t eat a ridiculous amount of food? IMG_4042That salad was so good I wanted to cry. IMG_4062My way to order food is to just ask the person at the counter for what their favourite item is. That was an amazing berry crumble, so it hasn’t failed me yet.

Copenhagen is filled with amazing Churches. These were in the Church of Our Lady, the cathedral of Copenhagen and the National Cathedral of Denmark. If it hadn’t burned down so many times, it would be one of the oldest.

More Christmas Markets!! That’s a dark chocolate covered apple that was heavenly.


On Sunday, the last full day in Copenhagen, I skipped all formality and had cake for breakfast. In another incident of just asking for whatever they liked best, I had this amazing pastry. It was chocolate shortbread, with salted caramel filling and a passionfruit meringue.

Another amazing church, Fredrick’s Church is a 18th-century Lutheran church with the largest dome in Scandinavia. Its silent inside, and so incredibly peaceful.


Oh, we’re back to some food photos. The lovely guy at this cafe specially made me a veggie club sandwich, which was amazing. Copenhagen has a couple of very well known coffee roasters and shops, which clearly meant I was going to drink a ridiculous amount of coffee. I did, with absolutely no regrets. My favourite may have been at Original Coffee, that latte rocked my socks. Which I was actually wearing because it was very cold outside.


I was laying in bed about to go to sleep when I read about the Paris attacks. Being abroad, you are physically so much closer to many issues, and you can really sense that in people’s reactions. This is across the street from the French embassy. I never saw the embassy without people in front of it, at night holding candles. It was a beautiful outpouring of love.


One last night at the Christmas Market. IMG_4155

We got to the airport nice and early, just incase security was tight. The extra time was spent eating, as it should be.

Leaving Copenhagen was sad, as leaving any place that wonderful would be. But goodness, it was an amazing weekend. Till next time, Denmark. IMG_4216



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