Thanksgiving is a family holiday. Its a day you spend with the people who raised you, making and eating way too much food. Maybe watching some football (the American kind) and see Snoopy float through New York. But Thanksgiving isn’t so when you live far away.

While I do have times of homesickness, and I miss my family and friends dearly, Thanksgiving was a little harder than usual. My family was together, at least in parts. My sister was home with my parents. My friends we back in Austin. Everyone was taking a few days off from work and life and university to spend time together, be thankful, (shop), and relax. But thats in America, and thats not where I live now. I know if I had been home I would have probably been annoyed about the chaos of the holiday, and would have worked Black Friday. But its a lot easier to miss these things when you don’t have them.

I spent Thanksgiving in class, discussing political theory and Buddhism. I worked on an essay (that I should be writing right now) and had leftover soup for dinner. There wasn’t my mom’s amazing mashed potatoes, or my Mema’s pile of desserts. But there was sweet text messages from my family, full of love. There was silly and fun messages from my friends at home, reminding me how thankful I am of them, even from 5,000 miles away. My flatmates told me Happy Thanksgiving, and made sure I was okay. It was a good day. But not Thanksgiving.

But tomorrow, on Saturday, we’re having Friendsgiving. Its not the same as being at Kayla’s house with all my high school friends, but it will be great. My kitchen is full of food, and I’m so excited to share the day with friends, even if it doesn’t have the same meaning for them. Because my Thanksgiving is just being grateful. For my incredibly supportive family, my amazing best friends, my new friends and their willingness to celebrate with me, for the opportunities I have here.


**Also, happy birthday to the light of my life and best friend Malvika, because I couldn’t write something on your birthday without mentioning you. I’m so grateful for our friendship, I don’t know what I would do without you. See you soon!


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