Late night baking

At 3am on Saturday I pulled banana bread out of the oven. Now, if this had been high school, it could easily be assumed it was for yet another thing I had promised to do. But this time, it just was. I should have been asleep, but instead, I was eating warm banana bread with a few of my housemates in the quiet early morning. Its a good description of my week.

I don’t have words for how busy the past week was. Looking at my calendar was physically stressful. It felt like junior year all over again. I treasured the free moments I had, and broke my attempted rule of not working while eating meals. It was the collision of coursework, recruitment for my Enactus project, looking for next year’s housing, and the beginning of our Human Trafficking awareness campaign. But, as always, the week is over and we have started another busy, though luckily not as busy, one.

If you look at my calendar, its full except for the weekends. With just a few meetings or events sprinkled in, the weekends stay open and quiet. They’re for recharging, mentally and physically, and getting ahead on the endless reading for my courses. Weekends are for sleeping in, slow breakfasts, and depending on the week, a nap. They’re the days I take the time to really cook, and sometimes, bake. I don’t think I could make it through the week without the peace of the weekends.

There are a few new things looming in the future, from performances to the continued development of TR:ust. I’m so happy with the opportunities 2016 is already holding.



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