Edinburgh // What We Ate

Okay when I said I would post about the food etc from my Edinburgh trip, I really did mean to post sooner. But the end of the month and the start of April slipped away from me. But look at this! Commitment! Execution! Actually blogging! Okay kind of. Here we go!



– the first thing we ate in Edinburgh was at 10:30 at night, when it was the only place we could find still serving. Surprisingly, I would 100% suggest it, and would return without question. While the only thing I had was a slice of margarita pizza (essentially simple cheese pizza) it was an incredible piece of pizza. Ridiculously large, with a crispy thin crust, it was just what I look for in a slice of pizza. The rest of their menu looks incredibly, and it’s in a really good location just off the Royal Mile. 


– I’d like to blame the fact that I ate a salad at a burger place on being veggie, but there was a few veggie burger options. I honestly just really like salad. It was amazing, and the courgette (zucchini) fries are an absolute must. Bianca also vouches for their milkshakes, and I seriously regret not having one. 

Edinburgh Larder


– I snagged this recommendation from a number of ‘must eat’ places, and a friend who lived in the city for a while. It’s one of those small, all local produce restaurants that I live for. I had the spinach soup with lemon crime fraiche, and it’s a recipe I will be working to recreate at home. I did it with half of the mushroom and kale sandwich, which was less impressive. The friend I was with had their ham sandwich and proclaimed it the best sandwich she had ever had, so I would suggest that to any non veggie visitors. I also splurged and got some fresh squeezed orange juice, which is always amazing. 

Mimi’s Bakehouse


– we grabbed some cupcakes to go, and while cupcakes are not my favourite dessert, I can say this was a good one. I got the raspberry Nutella, because red velvet is so overrated. I did eat it the next day (happy Easter to me!) so that may have contributed to its lack of wow factor. 

Mary’s Milk Bar 


– I love ice cream. It’s not a secret, and I probably eat to much of it. Just kidding that’s not possible. But this is easily on the list of best 5 ice cream places I have ever eaten at. While their ‘hot chocolate’ float was tempting, it as sunny enough to go for a simple scoop of Pineapple and Rum sorbet on a cone. Though the flavours change daily, I don’t think you could ever go wrong with anything you order. I would suggest carrying it to the hill across the street, just down from the castle, if the weather permits. 

The Milkman


– no question the highlight of my coffee drinking in Edinburgh, The Milkman in just up the street from Waverley station and is worth any trip you can squeeze in. My go to order is a flat white (call me pretentious, I know I’m annoying) and this one was outstanding. It was smooth, and the foam perfect. I used the amount of walking I had been doing to justify getting a raspberry cheesecake brownie to go with it, and it was the pastry highlight of the trip. In addition the stunning food/drink, the interior of the shop is the stuff of dreams. The next time I’m stuck at that darn train station I know what I’m doing.

So there you go, my foodie feelings and suggestions for Edinburgh! 



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