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**You’re kind of supposed to start ‘monthly’ things at the beginning of the year, but that would require me to have planned ahead, and know what I wanted to do with this blog. But since I’m not going to do weekly updates, I thing a monthly wrap up would be a good solution, and a nice way to look back. These will hopefully include the highlights, the hard parts, and an ~emotional~ look back at the month**
It’s a few days past the end of the month (aka my birthday) and I’m writing this on a train to London for Enactus Nationals. I’ve also been back in the country less than 24 hours and am lacking in sleep and feeling a bit ill. I’m trying to take some time to look back at what as honestly an incredible month, with some big highs, some really hard days, and what really feels like personal growth.
This month began with the end of my trip to Romania, and ended with the start of a week in Lisbon with my family. I don’t know what else I could want in a month. March is always one of my favourite months. It’s Women’s History Month, it includes International Women’s Day, a whole bunch of birthdays including my own, and honestly it’s kind of just at a good place in the year. It’s the start of spring (also spring break, which would make any month better) and the countdown to the end of the school year begins.
These were highs: the Romania trip, the success of our International Women’s Day events, the Human Trafficking Conference we held on campus, and of course the trip to Edinburgh and Portugal. Things were successful, projects and ideas grew. Things were incredibly fun, I hosted panels and traveled to great cities. March was a blast.

March was also incredibly busy, busier than I really wanted in a lot of places. There were too many 12+ hour days, and not nearly enough days off. I feel like I never saw friends, and am a little surprised at the amount of school work that was actually done. I love being busy and involved, but things were incredibly hard this month. I spent a lot of time being frustrated about having to do things that I (technically) volunteer to do. Things that overall, I love. I can see that it’s because I have a tendency to over commit, and am very bad at delegating. I also know I have very high standards for myself, and applying those to everyone else isn’t always fair.
I’m trying to use all that frustration as a ‘learning experience’ for the next few months, and in the new roles I am taking on. I have to enjoy what I volunteer to do, I need to work on delegating, and most importantly when I delegate, I need to be clear about what I expect. And I probably need to be a little less hard on everyone in my life, including myself. I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I felt like there was ‘personal growth’ in March, and I guess most of that comes from the big decision I made (explained in Being Selfish) about the role I would take on in Enactus next year. I had a lot of amazing support in making that decision, and I am ultimately so happy with it. The days around it were not so happy, and are a big part of why March was hard. It’s not all over, and there are a lot of questions about how things will go with the exec for next year. I can’t say I don’t sometimes, much less won’t in the future, regret the decision, but I know it’s important that I choose to spend my time doing things I love. And admin/business stuff? Not for me.

So March was good. I’d sum it up as a good month, partially from the distance from the hard parts I have now. I’m trying to learn how to only do as much I SHOULD, not how much I CAN do, and while March was not an example of that, I’ve got some good plans going into Summer term. Thanks March for the adventures, the fun, and the chances to grow. Thank you for an amazing 19th birthday. I’ve got one last year as a ‘teenager’ and I’m pretty excited to see where I am this time next year.

Until April,


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