Counting down to exams

Don’t study because you need to

study because 

Knowledge is power

study because

they can never take it away from you

study because

you want to know more

study because

it enhances you

study because

it grows you

I’ve all but moved into the library leading up to my first exams this week, and I can’t say I’m loving it. I’m tired and frustrated and finding it hard to focus. I’ve never really had to study before, so these past weeks have been a challenge. I’m both very comfortable with the what I need to know, but also in a constant state of panic because I haven’t had an exam in over a year and what if I don’t know how to write and essay in 40 minutes anymore, or what if I can’t think of any examples or theories, or any of the 1 million other things that I need to know. In reality, I passed all those AP exams on my ability to write essays just like the ones on this exam and I have a better idea of these topics than I ever did an AP test. So I should probably calm down a bit.


 p.s. when I’m not drowning in books, I’ll finally post the Lisbon and Madrid photos, just a few months late!


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