*let’s all ignore that this is literally almost 2 months late, okay? Okay.*

June was strange. June was exams and meetings and planes and work. June went from 60 degrees to 100 degrees.

2 out of my 3 exams were in June, so the first 2.5 weeks were really just lost to books, notes and too much time in the library. But of course, that was consistently interrupted by meetings, activities, and requests for ‘Alex Please Fix This’. To illustrate, here is a photo of me absolutely losing it in the rain while holding dropping a container of bagels. Probably actually a good illustration of most of my life.

I flew back to Texas on a Tuesday, and I feel like it has been a week, not 6. Between friends, family, cross-Texas road trips every weekend, and work (so much work) time has flown by. But June was nice. It ended a school year and started summer, so the stress of exams is quickly lost to the joy of sunshine and live music and late nights sitting in the driveway with friends I don’t get to see 9 months of the year.




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