I don’t quite know how it’s already September. It feels like July started just yesterday. As the middle of my 3-month summer, my August was not filled with ‘back to school’ like the rest of the world seemed to be. There was something incredibly nice about looking at the ‘back to school’ displays while still having another month-and-a-half left of summer. Maybe that’s kind of what not being in school feels like.

Unfortunately, it also meant that by the end of August, everyone else was moving back to school. It’s an interesting way to see school start, but its probably not my favourite part of summer.

August was another one of those work-filled summer months, something I’m sure is preparing me for the real world no matter how much I don’t enjoy it.

Morgan and I also went to Arkansas this August for a weekend of much-needed sister time since living on different continents seriously limits how much time we get to spend together. It was a really wonderful trip, more details can be found here.

 August didn’t end with a bang, other than being the last month ending here in Texas. Like June although I spend most of September here in Texas, I’ll end it in Lancaster. So August was the month in the middle, a little slower, a little quieter, and a little break before the rest of the world picks up again.



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