There is a point just before a trip or moving or an event where it hits you. And while the entire month of September was leading up to heading back to school, it didn’t hit me until the Saturday morning before I left. Standing in the shower with too much shampoo in my hair I suddenly realized I had basically 3 days before I left and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where all my months of summer went.

September is the month that gets squished in the preparation to go back to school. A year ago it was a mad (and incredibly stressful) rush to get visas and paperwork and packing done, and while this year the first two were taken care of, the latter was put off until the last minute again. The weeks leading up were filled with work (and more work, and some more work) and the usual doctors appointments. A few not as usual doctors appointments and an MRI, but everything was wrapped up in time for the trip back across the ocean.


I did manage to squeeze in a trip up to Dallas, in what seems to be becoming a tradition. That whirlwind trip aside, September was filled with family and home, as my last month in the country should be.


My last weekend may have been my favourite of the whole summer though. Thursday through Sunday were a family filled (thanks to Moo for coming home) string of fun, an incredible way to wrap up the break.




Of course September did mean that school activities started up, from getting class schedules (why do I still have all of Wednesday off, but class all day Friday?) to the first edition of SCAN (school newspaper). A number of skype meetings, grant proposals, and enough emails to rival my work emails later, everything seems (nearly) ready to go for the start of school, or at least Fresher’s week.

I’m back in Lancaster a few days before Fresher’s (Welcome) week, and a week and half before school actually starts. Why I thought being a Fresher’s Rep (our version of RA’s – don’t live on campus, most of the focus is during the first week) was a good idea I will never know. A theme that seems to be reoccurring in my life.


September is wrapping up from my new house (which will be a post of its own), very far away from where it started.