Coming back this year I was determined to blog more. Clearly, that didn’t go well.

October was the first full month back in England, and the start of my second year of uni. I’m not sure if it was having 3 months off that made me forget how busy things were, or if this year is just really that busy. I’m going to say the first so I feel better.

Academically, 2nd year is incredible, and incredibly hard. Since I get to choose all of my classes and they’re all major specific, I’m lucky to enjoy the topics of all of my classes. However, I think I underestimated the amount of reading and critical thinking that go into a theory-heavy course load, so although I love my classes they can be a bit draining. But if you ever want to talk about critical theories of development, I’m your girl.

(Me at ‘Peak Alex’, as Anna calls it) 

I’m living in town this year, which is a nice change from campus. I knew I wanted to try and separate ‘work’ and ‘home’ – something especially difficult for students since we don’t have ‘working hours’ – and having physical distance between the two has been very helpful. Still not great about not answering emails/messages late at night, but baby steps.


 To end this on a fun note, here is my Halloween story. Note: Halloween is quite different in the UK than the US, it’s more of an excuse to party than for small children to trick-or-treat. Basically, since Halloween was on a Monday night, I quickly forgot that it was Halloween and it was just another busy Monday. Anna and I however quickly remembered, when we went to get the bus back to town at 11:45 and were quickly surrounded by drunk freshers in costume. Nothing quite like the bus you take home being the bus others are taking to a night out. Clearly my life is quite exciting.

Well that was October (about a month late).



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