I didn’t wait two months to write this, shocking, I know. January was an interesting month. I kicked it (and 2017) off with a very quiet New Year’s Eve featuring Planet Earth. It really was the best NYE I could have asked for. The rest of my time in Texas was, busy, to say the… Continue reading JANUARY


Coming back this year I was determined to blog more. Clearly, that didn’t go well. October was the first full month back in England, and the start of my second year of uni. I’m not sure if it was having 3 months off that made me forget how busy things were, or if this year… Continue reading OCTOBER


I don’t quite know how it’s already September. It feels like July started just yesterday. As the middle of my 3-month summer, my August was not filled with ‘back to school’ like the rest of the world seemed to be. There was something incredibly nice about looking at the ‘back to school’ displays while still having… Continue reading AUGUST