What do you mean its the end of August and this hasn’t been written… July was a lot like April, but without the variety of countries and school work. It was however, almost constant travel and lots of work, just of a different kind. Becuase I do really hate having ‘nothing’ to do, I decided… Continue reading JULY


*let’s all ignore that this is literally almost 2 months late, okay? Okay.* June was strange. June was exams and meetings and planes and work. June went from 60 degrees to 100 degrees. 2 out of my 3 exams were in June, so the first 2.5 weeks were really just lost to books, notes and… Continue reading JUNE


This is the last month I will end here in the UK until I come back in September, and that feels really strange. I’m not leaving particularly soon, but I will end June (very jetlagged) in Austin.┬áSo here is May. When writing these monthly summaries, I pull up my calendar and look at the month… Continue reading MAY


I wrote about March almost halfway through April, sitting on a train. I wrote that I needed something new, a little calmer, I needed a break. I failed to realize that April wasn’t going to be that. March and April bled together into a muddled mess of travel, stress, and change. It’s honestly hard to… Continue reading APRIL